Who Are We? Wahunsenakah 333!

In March, 1995 the Lodge Chiefs of Chanco Lodge #483 and Kecoughtan Lodge #463 began a series of meetings that would result in the formation of a new lodge. On January 1st, 1996 Wahunsenakah Lodge #333 was born under the leadership of the Chiefs of the former Chanco and Kecoughtan Lodges as co-chiefs. The first Lodge elections were held at the Spring Ordeal in May of that first year. The name Wahunsenakah, which is Chief Powhatan’s given name, was chosen to honor the great chief of the Powhatan Confederacy whose home was located near the York River. A duck was chosen as the totem of the lodge. Due to the large number of native and migratory ducks found in the area, it was decided that a particular species would not be selected, but the mallard has become the default totem.