Foreword: This page is intended for use by all Wahunsenakah Lodge Chapter Unit Elections committees. For our Order to grow, the Chapter needs to keep a healthy relationship with Troop leaders, monitor advancement progress with the Troops, and pick appropriate times to conduct elections. Your goal, as explained in the Journey to Excellence, is to recruit from 100% of the Troops in your district. Below are the Lodge’s best practices to ensure this mighty feat is accomplished.

Planning the Election

  • Get information about the unit
    • Get the name and phone number of the unit leader and OA unit representative and adviser, the location where the unit meets, and the date and time of the election from the chapter or lodge unit elections chairman. 
  • Contact the unit leader.
    • Confirm the date, time, and location of the unit election. Advise unit leaders that they, not the lodge or chapter, have the prerogative to determine whether the names of those elected are to be announced to the unit after the election or whether the announcement is to be postponed until a later time. The unit leader should also be offered the opportunity to tell the unit the purposes of the Order of the Arrow as it relates to the troop or team.
  • List the eligible candidates.
    • Review with the unit leader the eligibility requirements that were contained in the Letter Announcing Elections so that the unit leader can have a list of eligible members ready for the election.
  • Remember recommendation of adults
    • Advise the unit leader of the unit committee’s option to recommend adults to become candidates in the Order of the Arrow. The unit leader should be provided the Adult Leader Nomination Form at the unit election along with information on the adult leader nomination process (found in the Guide to Inductions and in the Guide to Unit Elections) and the address to return the completed form to.
    • Reminder – 3 youth candidates = 1 adult candidate
  • Arrange for Video Equipment.
    • Arrange with the unit leader to have a TV or projector with laptop or DVD player available to show the unit elections video (see Step 2).
  • Prepare ballots.
    • If your lodge uses pre-printed ballots, send a sample ballot, in advance, to the unit leader so that the leader can enter the name of eligible Scouts and make a copy for each voter.
  • Send information.
    • If the unit leader does not have a copy of the Letter Announcing Elections and the Adult Leader Nomination Form, send him or her a copy. 
    • For the Letter, see the Guide to Unit Elections button above. For the form, get it from the Info Depot.
  • Contact the OA troop/team representative 
    • Review the elections procedure with the OA troop/team representative and his adviser several weeks before the election. If an Arrowman from the unit is to take a speaking part, he needs to be provided a copy of the script in advance, so that he can be well-prepared. Ask the OA troop/team representative to announce the election at the unit’s preceding meeting and contact all the members to ensure a good turnout for the election. The OA troop/team representative should remind all Arrowmen, both youth and adults, to be in full uniform with sash.
  • Confirm that the election team is available.
    • The election team leader should check with team members to make sure that they can participate and have no conflicts. If needed, recruit or call alternates and make sure that they are prepared and have all needed resources. A majority of team members should be from outside the unit in which election is being held. Confirm a time and meeting place for departure.