We currently have 114 people signed up for CONCLAVE which is 76% of our goal!!!

We need to reach 85% of our goal to compete for the Lodge of the Year award. That means that we need 13 more people to sign up for CONCLAVE!!! So, if you haven’t signed up yet, please click here If you already are signed up, encourage your friends to sign up too!!! WE NEED YOUR HELP to prove that we are the best lodge in Section E9!!! Also, if you would like to play in the quest games at CONCLAVE, please contact me. If we win the games, we can earn the Quest for The Golden arrow award and improve our chances for winning Lodge of the Year!!! Reminder that CONCLAVE will be held April 28th-30th at Camp Powhatan. Can’t wait to see you at CONCLAVE!!!To order Wahunsenakah CONCLAVE swag follow this link. 23conclaveswag333

Need to convince your school principal why you’ll traveling that Friday? You can use the following letter.





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